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I just earlier saw the photos of and i was so inspired, i just had to draw her. so beautiful.

Ball point pen and bic colour markers

I drew this one the other night at life drawing, ball point pen with a little bit of greylead pencil for the shadows. There’s something really satisfying about doing such a disciplined acedemic style drawing with a cheap ball point pen. i absolutely love the little splotches and imperfections it leaves.

Anonymous asked: I never send messages like this because I'm just embarrassing but I had to tell you how insanely talented you are and how beautiful all of your work is. I'm honestly astounded please never ever stop creating and sharing and spreading your talent!

Honestly anon, i didn’t even know how to respond to this message because it’s pretty much the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about my art. Thank you! and rest assured i’m not about to stop any time soon.

These were done at a burlesque life drawing night. The model was awesome, her theme was Agent 99 from Get Smart. After doing a lot of ‘serious’ life drawing, stuff like this is such good silly fun.

Eddy Merckx, for my fellow bike nerds.

Eddy Merckx, for my fellow bike nerds.

moleskine experiments! I’ve finally built up the courage to push my colour usage further than i have before. It’s really interesting seeing how colour changes can make so much difference in indicating depth and form.

Wow, I’m absolutely blown away by the reaction my Bic illustration has gotten, thank you all!

If anyone is interested, here is a slower hi-rez version on youtube, where there’s a bit more time to see each of the individual scans come together.

Click the Youtube settings button for the full HD version.

marik0t asked: Hello! Im ana rtist too, and Ive been having trouble drawing on my sketchbook because Im a perfeccionist. How do you get yourself to draw stuff everyday even if it's not perfect? I really want to practice more but I end up not doing anything for fearing it won't look good in the end.

hey, i can relate to this so much.
I started a new sketchbook this week, and completely screwed up the first page. While i was annoyed with myself, the fact is i was also a bit relieved. As much as i hate doing bad drawings, the pressure was off, this was not going to be a ‘perfect’ sketchbook. I was free to do whatever the hell i wanted without the pressure of screwing up the book, because i already had.

Big deal.

I’m a perfectionist too, and i know it’s difficult to accept even one bad sketch. But the thing is, bad drawings are just as important a part of the learning process as the good ones. The more i draw, the more bad drawings i do. But it’s through accepting that, and taking the lessons of those bad drawings that i improve.

If you draw every day, then even if only 10-20% of your drawings work out, that’s still a lot of good drawings in a year!

More sketchbook pages

Here’s an editorial illustration i did for Cosmos magazine, to accompany a sci-fi story by author Jason Nahrung. The story is set in the near future, when the city of Brisbane is flooded thanks to climate change, and the remaining citizens do there best to get by while trying to avoid the deadly sun.

Kinda different to my recent work, but i enjoyed the challenge.

Big hair, ball point and watercolour

This year i’ve made a conscious effort to carry a sketchbook around with me and get in the habit of drawing all the time. I’m noticing it’s making a massive difference in the confidence and speed of my linework.

These were drawn on the steps of Federation Square, here in Melbourne, drawing the lunchtime crowds in ball point and brush marker. Good times.

hey, here’s the process video i put together for my bic marker illustration, check it out!

more moleskine. I’m having fun with the red pens.

dream-of-colours asked: Allo! I love your new illustrations in colour with Bic. Those are beautiful. How do you figure out which colour you are going to add and where you put it?


Lots of practice!

Thanks. The truth is, i realized that the most important part was getting the values right, keeping my darks dark and lights light. As long as i followed that, i could get away with pretty much anything else in terms of colour choice.